Thursday, April 29, 2010

May 1-2 Weekend Warrior!!!! Braveheart Edition

My Goals for the Weekend!
Goal 1 – No sodas… Drink Water and Coffee
Goal 2 – Run or work out both days… at least 30 minutes.
Goal 3 – No Fried Foods! This means no ChickFilA Waffle Fries!

Check out the Weekend Warriors Challenge!


Janna said...

Why did you have to say Chick-Fil-A? :)

You will be great! I have no doubt!

Babylon said...

Increased amounts of caffeine may reduce effectivness of thyroid medicine.

Amy said...

LOL! That's no problem since it won't be an increase! Coffee is an every day occurance. :-)

Josie said...

You can do it girl!

Weekend Warriors!!!!!!

262milejourney said...

Good luck with your goals!